MG3 Loves Cheese

MG3 loves cheese…
In this video I show how Triplecheese from uhe goes along with MG3.

Maybe it’s because sound generation is not via oscillators but by comb filters making it a very nice playable VST with MG3, to me one of the best I have tried… and it’s free!

MG3 Loves Cheese


Perfect candidate for the patch-sharing category in my eyes, with Triple Cheese being free and all. I believe a video like this and the patch itself go a long way to help other users find great-sounding combinations. Thanks for sharing @pasha :handshake::pray:

Thank you LoFiLeiF. Here’s the MG3 Patch.
Scottish Ceddar.patch (2.6 KB)

While doing it I was thinking what you could come out with given your experience and breath control usage! There’s also a Sax patch in Triplecheese that IMHO is not bad. Maybe one day you will give it a try and brighten us all with some of your excellent stuff.


Thanks @pasha

Yeah, I believe I have some clip where I use Triple Cheese in some video.I can absolutely give it a try together with the breath controller, and I’ll put the patch in here:


Great playing, pasha! Definitely a Scottish Cheddar :smiley:
Thank you for posting the video.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on MG3 for Win(!) :heart_eyes:, I actually made two tracks with Triple Cheese for KVR’s One Synth Challenge using the Boss SY-1000 (in Guitar to Midi mode) and the Jamstik Studio Midi Guitar.

This is the one I entered with, 100% Triple Cheese from the drums to the horns. :wink:

And the following one that I first entered with was disqualified, since I used an Impulse Response on the violin sound and the usage of IR’s are prohibited in the competition, :upside_down_face: But instead of removing the IR I decided to make the track above. :sunglasses:

Triple Cheese is really great! :+1:


Who doesn’t love a freebie!

I tried Triple Cheese out. Some nice sounds but after 10 minutes of fiddling with it I found I couldn’t get a usable musical sound out of it…

Then I realised I had MG2 harmonizer on :roll_eyes:

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I’ve been unable to get a continuous sustain with Triple Cheese
Is there a trick to it or just a “feature” :thinking:

I pretty much depends on the sound source. If it’s like a pulsed (piano like) sound it will not sustain. Pads or other “continuous” sounding sources will. At least that is what I found out.

Thanks Dutti

Further fiddling got me to where I wanted to be.

Late to the party as I was busy working… I am happy you tasted cheese they way it needs to be :wink:

OK next problem guys…
I’m exploring the learn function on this software but I can’t get Cheese to see my Boss EV-1-WL expression pedal (cc set to 11)

Cheese exposes all you want it to so :

  1. First using the learn function on MG3 ‘learn’ your pedal **
  2. Click on one of the 4 squares in the module that contains cheese and map one of the controls displayed or a specific CC (mind that it has to me mapped an Control A or Control B in Cheese)
  3. Map the ‘button’ you worked on 1 to the CC in exposed in step 2 in the cheese module

** your pedal works via BT, TRS and USB. Try via USB just to assess that the glitch might be in BT.

Hey Pasha

I’m still stuck on MG2 until the Windows version comes out.
Am I still able to use Cheeses Learn function.
Connecting via USB - works fine with MG2 - just doesn’t connect with Cheese.
New territory for me - I don’t know whether it should or not?

Hello Slider, you need to do such routings in an DAW environment.

In Midi Guitar 2, Midi learn function works only for MG parameters, not third part plugins.
As said @Dutti67, it is possible in a daw but also in a plugin host, the latter being dedicated for live performance.

Thanks to both Dutti67 And Herold,

No not in a DAW environment.

Looks like I’ll just have to wait for MG3.

You’ve saved me from more futile experiments. :+1:t2:

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