MG3 thoughts/ideas

After using MG3 beta a few days (amazed even if many things are not easy to understand, yet) a few points/ideas/wishes showed up here:

Workflow: Make the “Back” (or any cancel/do not choose) buttons assigned to the keyboard ESCAPE key, and all "OK (apply etc/) assigned to the ENTER key.

GUI: Make the buttons smaller, more in style with “normal” system GUI. Or is it a specific background to this overall application-special GUI, maybe the creators love older low resolution TV/computer games, if so forget this maybe sensitive point.

GUI: Make plugin window in the DAW scaleable.

Workflow: Make buttons/options able to tab with the keyboard.

GUI/Workflow: At places where there’s options to choose from (MIDI OUTPUT etc) make drop down lists instead of click-click-click; these also controllable via the keyboard/TAB/arrow down or up.

– MIDI specific, to avoid ghost notes: When “happening” to play very short notes, let these notes be heard as they are during the performance, otherwise the performer will be interrupted, get a bad flow/upset but when the app “saves” the MIDI let the user have an option to set/have set the minimum time of notes to be “saved”=another kind of “GATE”. This way some specific ghost notes could be reduced/avoided. Don’t know if this is easy math for a programmer, or even possible, but could be as Mac Logic has this function built into the “MIDI transform” part. Though, to edit this afterwards is bad for the inspiration/flow, so would be good if this is possible already in the recording application/plugin. Destructive or non-destructive function? If possible non-destructive.

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