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MGT2 not responding in win 10

Having a problem with MGT2 in Win 10 (no probs in IMac at all)

I plug in my Focusrite 212, I select Focusrire USB ASIO in the interface, I can hear the guitar sound
but nothing else works, not even the MDA E Piano.

you can usually see the notes activating but that is not happening either.

I have checked the driver its the latest and I have installed the focusrite 212 software also…

The only thing I noticed was a message

Device Focusrite USB \ Audio&Adapter \1&1f5c0a88&0&id:0000000012358210 requires further installation.

this entry is on the events / information tab labelled fucusrite usb audio

There appears to be other entry’s under focusrite

but they appear to be ok.

Can anyone suggest a course of action please.

Thank You

first thing to try in such a case:
-reboot your computer
-start MG2
-select ASIO, make also sure the right input channel is chosen from your interface

@Linnaeus Hello Robin, welcome in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you checked that your interface has not reverted to MSD mode?
As said in the manual: " “In order to force your Scarlett out of MSD mode, connect it to your host computer and press and hold the 48V button for five seconds. This will ensure that your Scarlett has full functionality.”

Thanks for replying, yes actually i had done all that, nothing seemed to change whatever input was selected.

in the end what happened was, i remembered, I had downloaded a driver update app from iobit.

messing about I found gadgets to check sound and settings clicked on a button and deleted some errors on input etc and suddenly it was working again.

I had a similar problem with Amplitube 5 which when I re install it, I expect it will work now too.

I had a major system failure that seemed to be connected with focusrite drivers so I had to buy a win 10 installation disc and re install everything, as the built in Dell fixits basically did not fix .it, it would not boot up period…

did not do so well, with the bass version, as that will not scan for plugins, well it did and instantly says
scan complete, but maybe my expectations are greater than the reality, but as I cannot see me using it much I do not see any issues as long as it plays a bit of bass that is enough for me.

i do find the plugins a bit sluggish to respond at first, then they suddenly burst into life.

but thanks anyway, hope this helps someone else…

its a great bit of kit

thanks for Your reply, not familiar with the term MSD, as I have not read the instructions (A fault of mine I just like to work things out for myself, and only read when I hit a problem) hence why I am on this forum ho ho
Anyway I will keep that tip in mind should I experience similar problems again.

Thanks for that

MSD simply means “Mass Storage Device” :wink:
In this case, the Scarlett is managed like a hard drive or a USB stick (go figure) and the audio interface features are not accessible. It is the same like the audio recorders (Zoom, Tascam…) or MP3 players which can be used as file storage units only or with all their functionalities.

thanks for that

next time I will read the manual!

After decades of wasting time and energy trying to get the equipment to work without reading the manuals, I have gradually acquired the discipline to open the manuals first before using it.
It helps a lot :face_with_monocle: