MIDI as "through" in MG 2 Mac OSx

Hi all!
I tried to search the forum, and online issues on other forums, about this but I can’t find it.

  1. I have MAcBook PRO MacOSX 10.15 which is legit to use with MG2.2.
  2. I have a very simpley audio interface, IK Multimedia I/O Axe Solo. USB. It has ONE input, and 2 for external controller, for switches or exp pedals for which you can set MIDI cc assigns and let it pass through the USB cable.
  3. Now when I use a select 3rd party guitar amp plug in, I can assign MIDI singals to that amp plug in, when it is in standalone mode, and all midi cc works perfectly with both switch and exp pedal. say, kick in a wah pedal, switch amp between clean/distortion mode and yada yada.
  4. However, inside MG2 I cannot get any midi signal to control ANY instrument although I use MIDI machines sustain pedals, and all the rest of the templates. The MIDI indicator lights up whenever pressing but nothing happens. The cc - say 64 - is right and is NOT occupied by anything else in the background.
  5. Now, when using that additional AMP SIM Plugin too in the MG2s plugin column at the right, I can’t make the MIDI signal to go through to change whatever I want in this amp plugin, albeit it worked in standalone mode. Of course I’ve checked midi channels, and neither omni nor channel 1-16 seems to receive anything inside MG2, let alone control synthesizers or piano sound sustain pedalling.

I’ve checked the devices too. Inside MIDI machines there’s a choice “pass on MIDI to instruments” but that didn’t help. I’ve tried to scrutinize the manual to no help. I use MG2 as a standalone and not inside any DAW.

What am I doing wrong? Or isn’t it just supported?

I have my hands too full right now to check, and answer thoroughly, but if I remember correctly we discussed back then if MIDI CCs, that are consumed by MIDI Machines, should be consumed or passed on/broadcasted. Both choices, has its use cases and problems, and I believe we landed on the first.

In contrast in MG3, all MIDI programming is explicit, by cabling stuff.

Hi, Assuming that you’re only talking about attempting to send MIDI to amp sims and fx, MG2 does not support that.

Someone wiser may correct me if I’m wrong but “instruments” (as in pass MIDI to instruments) would be referring to plugins on the synth path.

As Ole said, things are different in MG3 and you can freely route MIDI to virtually anywhere.

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Ok, then. But but, it should be able to trigger synths? I mean, let’s skip amp/sims and instrument plugins then. But say if I have a MIDI machine with just a sustain pedal “machine” I can click on the displayed “pedal” with my mouse and all onboard test pianos OR 3rd software synths or pianos will sustain the notes.

However, when trying to press my actual sustain pedal connected to interface card, and set to exactly the same cc, nothing happens.So, what’s the use of MIDI machines then if they do not work with physical external sustain pedals, exp pedals or swtiches?

BTW I can’t use MG3 at all since it is from 11.* Osx and uo. My last OS is 10.15 and the macbook cannot take it any higher.

Hi Mats,

I can confirm that MIDI Machines do work with external pedals. I did a quick test for you following these steps:

  1. Set MG2 standalone MIDI “CONTROL” device (select under “INTERFACE”) to a control pedal that transmits CC#64;
  2. Add a “SUSTAIN” MIDI Machine to a MIDI FX slot and make sure MIDI CC#64 is selected on the dial – at this point, I can see that the grey GUI sustain pedal is responding as expected when I trigger my physical pedal;
  4. Select an “INSTRUMENT” you know will respond to CC#64 (In my case I chose Arturia’s Analog Lab V);
  5. Play a note via your guitar or use the mouse to trigger a note via the GUI keyboard and hit your assigned pedal to confirm that it’s working. It is working.

So, I’m guessing that there must be something you’ve missed in the setup or you’re trying to send sustain to a synth that doesn’t support it. Try the above and report back if you still have issues.

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