Midi assign problem

Hello, sorry for my english
when I try to assign a midi cc to a Midi Guitar 2 function (like bends or legato) it works well but when I try to make it in a vst plugin (like Arturia Analog 4 or Native Instrument fm8) nothing occurs. The plugin doesn’t receive any midi message.
When I connect a midi keyboard I can play notes of the vst plugin but impossible to assign midi control.
I don’t know what to do.
Thank you

Please tell what you want to achieve exactly, also in which environment (which DAW? OS? etc)

Hello, look at the picture she is better than my english

Windows 7 64 bits
Cubase 9 pro

Thank you

If you assign a CC in our midi learn interface, it will not be forwarded to the loaded synth.
-Make a new fresh patch, do not use our midi learn.
-Choose your synth as Instrument.
-Now the synth will see the CC coming in.

Note: CC’S are only forwarded to synth plugins, not to fx plugins.

I have made this without success. Strange thing, I can play notes with a midi keyboard then I know the vsti receive midi notes but I can’t assign any fader or knob.
With a plugin where the assignations are already made (see picture) it works. It seems that the problem is only with ‘midi learn’ function.

that is strange. Please check if it is related to the CC nr: CC#7 is default volume, it might have been eaten.

I have tried with mutiple CC number (sliders, buttons) on my m-audio code 49 keyboard and with expression pedals with CC number 7 and number 17 through a usb midi interface

when the assignations work, but midi learn not, it mus be a bug/unknown feature at the Sforzando side of things… Cant you enter the CC nr by hand during assgination in Sforzando?

In Sforzando no but in FM8 yes and it works.
With Arturia analog 4 I can’t assign a midi CC with the learn function in Midi Guitar but It works in Cubase.

It might be that our bend info ( that is allways send per frame, even if you have bends off) wipes the CC in the Arturia midi learn: such a midi learn function catches the last midi command, and maybe our bend command is not skipped there…
There might be a midi machien trick to get lost of all bends being send, I’ll look into it

I’m having the same issues as the OP… I’m using a Win10 machine, Arturia Keylab in the VST slot, and am not able to assign any CC to any of the functions in Arturia.

Is this a bug, or is it just not possible to do yet? Thanks!

BTW - overall, I love the program.

MG will send no extra midi when you turn down your guitar volume.
So for everyone experiencing troubles with midi learn in loaded synths in MG standalone, try the following:

  1. mute your guitar tone before you
  2. do the midi learn in your synth by moving your controller

MG allways sends pitchbends along when a note is triggered to assure proper tuned notes when switching from bend to non bend etc.
This might be confusing for some synths that might think the pitch wheel is also a controller, like on a normal piano keyboard…

it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have found an answer when I use MG with a daw (Cubase for me)
-Create an midi track in the daw
-Create an instrument track with your midi plugin
-Create an audio track with MG as insert effect.
-Do the midi learn in the midi plugin

  • set MG as input of the midi track
    -set the instrument track as output of the midi track

Ok, Fred… that is a totally different thing, I didn’t get that you were trying to do “midi learn inside an instrument inside MG inside a DAW”…

First: it is deprecated to load big synths inside MG plugin.
You should just load the synth on the DAW instrument track, and it will hear your controllers just fine, and it will hear the MG that you loaded on the audio track. (See jamorigin.com/daw for help if needed)
Only 1 MG plugin is needed at all times. Midi learn data for the synths will not go via MG, but straight via the DAW!

Now if you want to control something inside the MG plugin, let’s say the Transpose function, you need a workaround to get midi in there as well. Standard most DAW’s do not feed midi into the audio plugins!
But there is a workaround to route midi data to audio fx plugins in nearly every DAW. You can view this page how it is done: https://www.overloud.com/node/166

*The Logic method with sidechaining will not work with MG, you can not get controller midi inside MG on Logic ( same with Mainstage and Garageband )

Hello, I think english is a bad langage for me to explain what I do.
You say “You should just load the synth on the DAW instrument track, and it will hear your controllers just fine, and it will hear the MG that you loaded on the audio track.”

And I agree. It is what I do. And It works fine.

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I gotta say these dedicated forums are VALUABLE.

Going through a gaming pc

I am using Taylor acoustic with onboard electronics with D’Addario bronze 80/20, .013-.056.

Going through a focusrite 4i4. Tracks well as audio in Ableton live 10.

It is not however converting to midi here.

In both attempts to convert guitar to midi


Jam Origin guitar to midi 2

Signal is going through software which responds visually

But zero conversion heard through headphones in both cases.

Set for FOCUSRITE USB ASIO MIDI/ guitar channel (in this case #2

Output #3/4

Adjusted maximized gain on instrument

I figure to try it going through Ableton, but have no idea how to get it in there. I read about stand alone & plugin versions, but latest seems to only be perhaps stand alone .

I’m trying to figure out what I might be missing.

I go into usb interface as channel 2 and out ¾ as asio usb midi.

The asio usb midi is what shows up in the in/out of software, so I assume that to be correct. Maybe I need different strings? Or am I missing something else.

At one point I did see that the software was seeing the signal, but nothing as far as midi conversion goes…???

Any thoughts on that?

Thank you.