MIDI Bass and active bass pickups = unwanted ghost note chaos!

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my post! I’m having a very difficult time trying to figure out the best MIDI Bass settings for a very specific synth patch. Ill try to be succinct and to the point but Im pretty new to this so I hope im able to describe my issue accurately…


Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH Limited Edition

Sterling Audio “Harmony H224” Interface (with Mic, Line and instrument level inputs with input gain adjustment knob PLUS options for PAD and Bass Roll-off as well)

MacBook Pro

-Version 1.2.1

Arturia DX7 V

    (set at constant maximum velocity)

Ive recently started playing bass in a synth pop and new wave cover band that currently has no actual keyboardist and so MIDI Bass is the perfect solution for songs that require a synth bass sound in lieu of an electric bass sound.

There is one song in particular that is giving me a really hard time with unwanted and extremely loud ghost notes that are impossible to hide: A-Ha’s “Take On Me”…

The actual synth patch is played at max velocity the entire length of the song and therefore every “note on” message is played back super loud and super “doinky”…

The problem is MIDI Bass is picking up EVERY SINGLE sound from my guitar (fret clicks and finger slidings and tippy taps, etc) and sending those sounds on through despite the noise gate being set all the way up.

Im pretty sure that my issue lies in the fact that I have an active bass guitar and nothing more, only because I have no problems at all when I play the same patch through my electric guitar and MIDI Guitar 2.

If need be I can just unstrap my bass and use my electric guitar and MIDI guitar 2 for this one song but Im really hoping to not have to do that during a concert.

So far I have had only very minor success in filtering out unwanted notes being sent through by adjusting various settings on my bass guitar itself (tone knob, presence knob and treb/bass combo knob) but its hard to keep track of knob turns and what not and its not anywhere near as clean as I can get in MG2 and nowhere near concert ready.

Anyways, thanks again for your time and hopefully someone out there can relate and/or provide some assistance!

if you play the bass line an octave up and use transpose to place it back down where it belongs you may get more usable results.