MIDI Bass and "Complete Music Trainer"

I am trying to use a program called “Complete Music Trainer” (CMT). It is a teaching tool and I want to use my bass guitar as MIDI input so I can do the lessons.

When I try to change the setting of the app it does not find a relevant MIDI input even though I have MIDI Bass up and working. See:

I suspect I need to somehow make MIDI Bass available via the “MIDI Interface” section of the MIDI Bass App? I click on the boxes but do not have any options to do anything.

I am on Windows 11. Do I need to install or leverage some other tool, service or driver to get MIDI Bass to communicate with “Complete Music Trainer”? Or is a hardware solution a better option? I do not think CMT is a DAW?


Hello, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

MG (Midi Guitar) and CMT are 2 different applications. You need to select an internal MIDI device for transferring MIDI data between computer programs.

You can use i.e. LoopBe1 which is an “invisible cable” to connect a MIDI outport of an application to any other application´s MIDI inport.

LoopBe1 is free for non-commercial, personal use only

Once installed, select LoopBe in MG as the Midi output and LoopBe as the input in CMT.


Thanks for the welcome! And the help!! :grinning:

I figured I was missing a piece of the puzzle. THANKS!

I am getting further now. I attach my MIDI Bass setup. I have set it to LoopBe1

And CMT now finds a MIDI controller and I set it to LoopBe1

Unfortunately it does not appear that CMT is taking the MIDI from the bass. It does not seem to get any input. I guess I can write the developer as maybe they can help? The app still displays a keyboard or note circle for input. Those work. But I would have thought they would have been gone if I was using an actual instrument.

If you have ideas on how to debug, I am open to them. CMT is free so easy to download and I am not sure if you would want to give it a go? That is a lot to ask - I know. Thanks!

OK, I’ll take a look as soon as I have a moment.

I am still working on this but not making progress. This is from the application developer:

"LoopBe should not be needed. You just have to be sure to have one MIDI input that is not in use by any software.

This tool should help you diagnose what’s going on: http://www.midiox.com/

(but of course, once you diagnosed it, you have to close MIDI-OX because otherwise the input won’t be closed and you won’t be able to use it in CMT)

In any case, once MIDI is enabled in the app settings, you will be able to use it as an input in the app."

I have downloaded the MIDI-OX tool and it does not appear to get any input or data from MIDI BASS? It does see LOOPBe as an interface.

Any input on tools or debugging techniques to see why CMT does not play nice with MIDI BASS?

Could it be that I am on the trial version? I want to make sure it works before I buy it…

I’ve just had a quick look at your message, but I don’t have the time to look into the problem, so I can tell you right now that the demo version of Midi Guitar is fully functional, it is not involved.

When CMT talks about Midi input, does that mean connecting a midi hardware device such as a midi keyboard but not a software?
As I understand it, so CMT can’t be used at the same time as Midi Guitar?

I figured as much but wanted to check. Thanks!!

That actually may be it. I will ask the developer of CMT.

I am using a tool called MIDI-OX:2 and am not seeing any input in that. It is supposed to provide debug information on MIDI but nothing is showing up. Is there a super simple 3rd party app I can install to see of MIDI Bass is connecting to another app?

I also tried another virtual cable instead of LoopBe1 (loopMIDI) but no change. Thanks!

I did get it to work! I really am not sure what I did differently. I did uninstall stuff and reinstalled.

And I found that I can only get loopMIDI to work correctly. LoopBe1 would not work for some reason. It should and perhaps I will try it again but do not want to mess with things…

This tool was also helpful: Online Virtual Piano Keyboard with MIDI Functionality

The creator of CMT explained:

"CMT does not handle MIDI per se. It’s an app packaged in a browser. So it relies on the browser’s MIDI implementation.

If you downloaded the windows app, it uses Chromium (same engine as Chrome, Edge, …).

All Chromium based browsers handle perfectly MIDI inputs, but indeed, you cannot do complicated things like what is described by MIDI Guitar: a browser is not a DAW.

You can try this very simple app: Online Virtual Piano Keyboard with MIDI Functionality. You should see your MIDI input on the list, click on it to active it, then play a note, and you should have a piano sound.

If it works, then close the browser to close the MIDI input, launch Complete Music Trainer and it will work.

If it doesn’t, I’m afraid your MIDI input is not working"

I appreciate the help - thank you! I am evaluating the software and look forward to purchasing it.

Glad to hear it’s finally working! And enjoy MidiBass :wink: