MIDI Bass for iOS - polyphonic, with MG2.5 using a fast pitchshifter

A quick test using PD Space Guitar and MG on iOS together as plugin in AUM.
Seems to work nbice enough, I didnt do any further tweaking, I just turned SG dry 1 oct up and fed this into MG2, being curious whether it can work. Well! it works reasonably well. SG is set to 20% latency here.

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Bassjam with Jamorigin MIDI Guitar 2.5 and PD Space Guitar
Same setup in AUM, now with an extra channel for just Space Guitar: featuring a bass, a bass piano and a guitar voice.

Wow! That is amazing. Great playing! Thanks for sharing.

Looking if there is a non iOS version of PD space guitar. Chime in if you can save me some time.

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PD Space Guitar is iOS only for the time being.

THanks for the quick reply. I’ve been pretty successfulk using the Kilohearts pitch shifter to get my low B to trigger MIDI Bass but never thought of using it with MIDI Guitar for polyphony. Thanks for sparking my imagination.

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