Midi Bass for iOS

As a bassplayer is it wise to purchase MG2 iOS or is it beter to wait for MB for iOS?

MG will only track from D2 and up. So if you need bass notes, better wait…

Yay! Midi Bass for iOS!

I play a Bass VI, so I’m able to get away with using the Midi Guitar iOS for now. But if/when there is a Bass version that will be awesome!

I have been waiting for MidiBass for iOS foryears. I play a 12 string bass so I can trigger MidiGuitar. But i sometimes need to double a slap electric bass with a synth bass. And that won’t work an octave up.

Is it possible to just have one app that tracks Bass and Guitar range? I’m just curious.

Yes, the next MB update will track full range and you can use it with guitar, bass or other stringed hybrids.


This is great news, speaking as an occasional 6 string bass player. And seriously looking at using an iPad Pro M1 for performing.

I, for one, would be VERY interested!

Hi, any news about bass range on iOS version?
Thank you so much

Very interested in MIDI Bass for iOS. I was using a Ravish pedal, looking to get the sympathetic tones. It was very hit or miss, and it occurred to me then that I’d rather have something on my iPad anyway. (This would be for live performance.) Also interested in both guitar and bass versions for Mac OS; I use Apple Logic.

Own MIDI Guitar for iOS with bass and octave pedal, tracking is not so fine like playing acoustic guitar with pickup through iOS app. Very interested in purchasing MIDI BASS for iOS!