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Midi Bass for iOS

Hello to all

Do you know whe Midi Bass for iOS will be released ?



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MIDI Bass for iOS is not in the pipeline now, there hasn’t been much demand for it till now.
But your interest is noted.


I will surely buy it. That would change the way I use my bass in a live setting


tnx… You see it is still not a high number of requests for it here, but your wish is noted.

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I will buy it too! NEED IT BADLY!


Is this still not in the pipeline? I think if bass players actually ‘saw’ Midi Bass on the App Store, it would sell well. I downloaded this guitar version in the hole it worked with my bass, so I wonder how many others did the same. It’s too good NOT to have a bass version.

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Sorry, in the hope it worked

Me too please! I would be strongly interested in Midi Bass for iOS!

Indeed the limit of the E2 at the bottom (I know… D2 with the Drop D tuning) means that MIDI GUITAR 2 is not very usable with the bass. So will bassists have to give up using it fully?

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I would love to have midi bass for iOS

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I also would like have bass midi for ios

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Ok, we hear you :slight_smile: Thank you all for feedback.
We’ll try to get the bass tracker optimized for iOS and get this out as well! Presumably in with some improvements that we have been working on for a few years by now.
But desktop MIDI Violin and MIDI Guitar updates are first in line…

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I am using the windows version for bass to record cello tracks for an „acoustic duo“ demo we are preparing, works amrvelous!
Would be fantastic to use the iPad for live events with proper tracking, today I am working just with EHX Mel9 live, but string sounds are pretty weird with that stomp box.

I am also traveling a lot, and doing the recording with my bass (yes, it‘s traveling with me…) to midi in the hotel would be more than great.

Yep, need it… desperately.

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