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Midi Bass for iOS

Hello to all

Do you know whe Midi Bass for iOS will be released ?



MIDI Bass for iOS is not in the pipeline now, there hasn’t been much demand for it till now.
But your interest is noted.


I will surely buy it. That would change the way I use my bass in a live setting


tnx… You see it is still not a high number of requests for it here, but your wish is noted.

I will buy it too! NEED IT BADLY!

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Is this still not in the pipeline? I think if bass players actually ‘saw’ Midi Bass on the App Store, it would sell well. I downloaded this guitar version in the hole it worked with my bass, so I wonder how many others did the same. It’s too good NOT to have a bass version.

Sorry, in the hope it worked

Me too please! I would be strongly interested in Midi Bass for iOS!