Midi Bass in Ableton 12 with Kontakt 7

I have a couple of questions. Firstly, having followed the video about loading MB onto an audio channel in Ableton 12, and having the same channel settings, I am getting sound from the audio channel when MB is loaded on a midi channel. This does not appear to be the case in the video. Also, having loaded Kontakt 7 onto the midi channel, the output in Kontakt is showing as Surround 7.1 in any patch I load and cannot be changed. This does not happen if I load Kontakt onto a different midi channel.

I am getting sound from the audio channel when MB is loaded on a midi channel

what sound are you hearing? mb should be used with audio tracks. it can send to separate midi tracks, but it is an audio effect in terms of ableton’s approach.

also, does it work in standalone mode?

lastly, os version and audio interface details will help others help you. and a screencap showing the routing would probably be very helpful in this case.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I missed the point below the 2nd video about using MG2 with Ableton, I have placed the VST into the custom VST folder and it’s now showing up, so that’s good. That also solves the Kontakt output to Surround 7.1 issue because I was using the AU file, now I am using the VST that problem has also gone away. However, I cannot figure out why I still get audio through the audio channel when MB is loaded into it since the tutorial video loaded MG2 without doing any initial setting mods. I am also getting nothing through the midi channel when loading Kontakt 7, although the Kontakt output routing is aligned with the channel.Appears to work fine in standalone mode.

I am using OSX Monterey 12.3.1 with Ableton Live 12. Audio Interface is Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

if you are hearing your bass (but not synths) then the issue may be that direct monitoring is on:

midibass isn’t an ‘input’ as far as ableton is concerned. in the circled area ‘midi from’ should be ‘2 audio’ and just below that it should say midibass.

Many thanks for ironing that out; hardware monitoring was on in Focusrite Control so once I turned that off and tweaked the settings on the midi channel as described, all is working. However, the note tracking in Kontakt bass instruments doesn’t seem to be strong, particularly on the low string. Can you please advise on how to improve tracking? I have played with the gain and noise gate a bit.

the tracking on the low e string is more of a physics issue than anything which can be addressed by adjusting the gain or noise gate.

i’ve been experimenting with a dante network audio interface, ableton reports 13msec total latency. this gives me an almost playable low e string.

before that, with an asio interface at ~22msec i found the low e to be unusable for my needs.

an option i’m considering is to use the upper strings only and transpose the midi down. maybe with an octaver on the analog side so that the pitch matches.

That’s rather disappointing since I have purchased the software wanting to use it with bass patches of various kinds including those in my Kontakt library. However, it does work with synths and other sample library types so all is not lost!