Midi Bass/Midi guitar script query

I was watching this YouTube video and was curious about the script that was mentioned in it.

Does anyone know if the script being referred to in the video is a custom script or one that comes shipped with MG/MB? Would love to be able have this kind of setup with a DAW and plugins.


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It involves combining the midi from MG and MB.
How usefull it is for you can not be predicted, it belongs to the more exotic elaborate setups…

First of all MB needs to load a midi machine that blocks notes that are not in the lower octave:

Now you can run MG&MB parallel and MB will do the lower octave.
Problem is that if you play a higher range note, MG will stop, because it is monophonic and tries the follow taht same highrange note.
A LP filter in front of MB might work to get that better: that way MB might ignore the higher notes and stay with the bassnote in polyphonic conditions.

We haven’t done much testing on this I’m afraid: like said, it is an exotic option…

Thanks again Paul, I’ll give it a whirl this weekend.