MIDI Bass, Signal sensitivity help

Just bought MIDI Guitar/Bass and excited to incorporate it into my live gig playing. I’m playing a bass guitar through MIDI Bass and I noticed that when I play up and down a scale (major scale in D for example), the sound can get rather muddy. I used the chord wheel to have a look at what’s going and I’m noticing that there are “other” notes that briefly appear and then disappear that isn’t the note that I’m fretting.

This is especially noticeable when I’m trying to do a pull off and also noticing sound is coming just from harmonics. All of this is happening as I’m trying my best to mute/mitigate ringing out from the other strings with both my left and right hands. I’ve even set the noise gate to maximum and still have the issue.

Am I missing something? any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


I’ll look into it later today, sounds like a bug in the noise gate.

Thanks Paul. If it helps, here are some of my settings and rig I’m using.

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen audio interface
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel Core i5 2.5Ghz processor
  • 8GB ram

Midi Bass interface settings:

  • Sample rate - 44.1 kHz
  • Buffer size - 128

Hope that helps.

HI Andrew,
Just a quick note for you:
the gain structure of MIDI Bass is not the same as in MIDI Guitar.
-Start with leaving “tone” and “curve” at 12’o clock.
-Now reduce the “gain” to 9’o clockish. You still should be able to get velocity 127 out of it. (you can check that with tools/midi monitor)
I will check the noise gate functionality lateron, but this should help to get you a better sound for a start

This midi machine contains a harder midi noise gate and a retrigger-blocker.
Those 2 function can help greatly to create cleaner midi if you specifically need that.

-Startgate: Only notes with velocity higher than this will start.
-MinimalRetrigger_ms: the minimal number of milliseconds for a note to be able to retrigger.

Custom_Gate.lua (2.5 KB)

Download the lua script to the “MIDIMachines” folder inside MG data dir
(folder location: see via our preferences / midi guitar data folder )

I’ll give both your suggestions a try later tonight. Thanks for the help Paul!

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I tried loading the script and played with the script settings as well as setting the gain to 9 o’clock as you mentioned Paul. Unfortunately I’m still getting a jumbled mess of sound. A good example is if I were to try and play the opening bassline to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”, it sounds like a toddler slamming their hands on all the keys of a piano haha.

Interesting enough though, I tried to use the Reaper DAW and added the reatune vst (to convert audio to midi) and then added an instrument effect and I’m getting similar results. I did try another bass guitar but still no success.

Not sure what else can be done at this point :frowning:

Maybe just upload a fragment of that basspart here without any fx (aiff, wav or mp3 is enabled for upload here, max 4 meg ). then I can put it through MB here and tell you more about what the problem is.
Bass to midi is much more difficult as guitar, and expectations vary.

Thanks again Paul, I’ll attach 3 examples in mp3 format
https://jamosapien.com/uploads/default/original/1X/5437fe84d34c57997f1b460ba0e80386d77aaa97.mp3 https://jamosapien.com/uploads/default/original/1X/b5e69c2bee2806af89576adc04b89e5353b47b94.mp3 https://jamosapien.com/uploads/default/original/1X/dcd260e162adcafb914d09fb62d4042d08c80c76.mp3

ok, I will have a go with it

well, I don’t hear no toddlers hammering a keyboard here, that basssound is clear.
there is allways a little difference between a keyboard playing a part and a guitarsynth.
What synth did you use for output?

Oh sorry mate I recorded those through the DAW only (no midi bass fx) haha

I’ll record with midi bass tonight so you can hear what I mean.

nono!" this is allright. I am interested in the dry input first, I run them in logic and MB
But your conversion results are welcome.

Hi Paul attached are two audio files and one image. The two audio files are the same Whitney bassline and D major scale originally recorded with the Midi Bass VST on but no instrument effect. Then I used the MDA Piano instrument effect in MD and recorded.

The image attached shows the settings I’ve had it at. The interface settings says it’s at 2.9 MS (128 samples 44.1kHz)

the piano is polyphonic with a noticeable releasetime, better use the JX10 instrument for monophonic basslines, it makes no sense to test with the wrong sound.
Polyphonic instruments with longer releasetime will make your notes sound double, and will pronunciaty any mistriggers.

Here your bass through the jx10…

That does sound a whole lot better, is there an easy way to know if the instrument effect is polyphonic or monophonic?

in every virtual analog synth there is a switch for mono or poly mode.
In JX10 it is the “Glide” knob: the modes MONO,M-LEGATO,M-GLIDE are mono.

Thank you very much for all your help Paul. Amazing product support, keep it up!

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