MIDI bass trial is working so bad

Hi I was intended to buy the license but first i’ve downloaded the MIDI bass trial mode and it works so bad. I have a mac 10.14, I use Logic pro X, Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen. I’ve followed all the instructions and the videos but the latency is so bad and it takes me a lot of concentration to play on time, then i noticed that some notes are not recognized randomly when i play faster and some other times it plays some notes that i’m not playing.
Can somebody help me?

better start out with the MIDI Bass standalone.
-Check that your input level is not too loud in the interface section
-tweak the noise gate to delete some unwanted notes.
MIDI Bass is monophonic and does not convert notes lower than E’.
Bass notes are harder to convert than higher notes: a lot of people also simply use MIDI Guitar for having synths for the higher notes.