Midi Bass with an active pickups

I’m testing Midi Bass with my 5 String Bass which has active pickups.
It seems to be too noisy to use it.
There are a lot of extraneous notes generated.
Are you looking for feedback on testing Midi Bass?

I don’t know if it will, but maybe using foam muting to cut the sustain might help.

If you’ve tried that already and still had the same issues, that would also be good to know.

Thanx for the suggestion. I haven’t tried it, but it might help.
I’ve been fiddling(sic) with the VSTi gain and the interface’s input gain as well as trying out some midi machines such as the Custom Gate posted on this site.
These controls as well as the triggered VSTi (Bass) Synth make a huge difference.
With patience, I’m sure to find some setups that will work.

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I have active (Pedulla MVP5), passive (Rick 4001) and Chapman stick. I don’t think the active thing makes a difference here, though I don’t usually boost treble. Don’t notice any difference between the basses for triggering. The Stick is better though.

I find it is lifting the finger off the fret which causes most issues. The little metallic crunch of release seems to have enough pitch info to trigger MB2.

Muting the open strings with a hair scrunchie or Gruvgear Fretwrap helps.
Also avoid very short attack settings on Synth envelopes.

Using MG2 set to drop d tuning for notes above D string pitch and MB2 for notes between D string and low E is cleaner. (MG2 seems to track that range better and is polyphonic. MB2 doesn’t currently go lower then E :frowning: ) Mainstage and Gig performer allow you to filter out note ranges so the MB2 and MG2 don’t both try triggering the same note. This MIDI Machine looks like it does the same thing…