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Midi Bass won't let me select AudioBox ASIO

Midibass standalone and in DAW refuse to let me pick the audiobox or presonus ASIO under Interface select audio device. I can see em in the list of interfaces but nothing happens when I select. There is no sound with any other drivers.

OK sorry I have done this so many time I had a stand alone over top the DAW. In the standalone it doesn’t let me select what I see. In the DAW it is not an option of course.

OK now it shows up. The A, D & G strings sound OK but the E string is silent. The bass sounds normal on a normal amp.

If you use a DAW, then there is no selector in the MG plugin. It will process the audio from the DAW, (ie. select the ASIO device you use in the DAW, not in MG)

If you use MG standalone - do you have the latest ASIO driver installed from Presonus?

That’s odd. It’s my understanding that MB/MG2 don’t differentiate specific strings, just notes. If you play a note on the E string at, for example, the 15th fret, is it still silent? If you can hear it, then something may be filtering MIDI values below a certain note.

So the presonus seems to be triggering fine now as standalone. I still can’t get it to work in a DAW. I reloaded everything about 5 times and it started working. In a DAW, it seems to already have everything selected but no sounds come out. Standalone it works fine now.

If I chose a (fancy) patch like percussive or pianoman, it plays most notes but there are some that are just dead. It plays frets on both sides but seems to skip one every so often. Seems like it is worse on the G string, hit and miss on the others. I very likely won’t be using those often anyway so I’m moving with the others. Bass Synth seems to work OK.