Midi cable vs USB cable length?

Hi, a question for live players and/or those who know about cable performance. My pedalboard and amp sit ~15 feet / 5m from each other, so that’s currently my longest instrument cable length. Now that I’m bringing MG2 into the mix, I need to run a midi cable between my new midi controller pedal and my DI box, plus there’s the USB cable that connects my DI box to my laptop. Here’s the question: does it matter at all which one of those cables is longer? Am I better to put both the DI and laptop all “back there” and run a 5m long midi cable to the DI from my switcher, or should I put the DI up front with a short midi cable from the switcher and run a 5m long USB cable from the DI back to the laptop? I’m leaning towards the first option mainly because it’s just a bit less clutter at the front of the stage - plus it feels a bit safer to have that extra gear back behind me with my amp. Any thoughts welcomed!

The current speed of light being as it is, electrons communicating through wires at nearly this speed, the actual length of your cables is not of much concern.
It is only in the mhz range and higher that the length of your cable matters, when it is about timing between differnet signals of that short wavelength.
Audio signals do not have that resolution, Midi does not have that resolution. USB does have this resolution but doesn’t care about to the small timelag of the cable connected.
The main thing that matters in practice: good cables! allways have a spare USB cable.


Bonza, thanks @Paul. Exactly what I was looking for. I reckon I’ll go with plan A then, long midi cable back to the extra gear, purely for the benefits of safety ( = harder to spill beers back there) and reduced clutter.

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I usually use 5m usb cables and 10m midi cables live. I have never encountered any problems.
But I have always used good quality cables.
And as @Paul says, I still have spare cables.
And even a second audio interface and computer (old equipment just in case) :wink:.


Thanks @Herold, that’s great to know, it looks like I have nothing to worry about either way. A second interface might be some way down the track though! But quality cables - absolutely. Cheers.