Midi CC messages not passed into AU plugins


been having lots of fun, but have come across a slight difference between the way the Midi Output option works vs using an an AU synth as an instrument within MG2
I’m driving MG2 from the usb connection of an HX Stomp, but I’m also about to add a Morningstar MC6 to my setup which can take an expression pedal and convert it to Midi messages, so was wanting to pass these through and use them to control modulation etc on synths.
Via playing around with a normal midi keyboard controller, I’ve discovered that, when using the usb Midi thru on the HX Stomp, all midi messages including pitch bend and CC changes are also passed through when using the Midi Output option - effectively I can play the synth using either the midi keyboard or guitar, but any pitch / cc changes also apply, including to notes triggered by the guitar - which is what I want.
However, when using the same synth as an AU plugin, although midi notes are still passed through, any pitch bend / cc messages are not.
I know I can work around this by using the Midi Output option, but it also involves much more complexity - Audiobus for audio / midi routing, additional setup so patch changes instigated on pedalboard are reflected on the synths as well as MG2 etc rather than just being able to set up the patches completely in MG2 and just use that.
Am I missing something, or is this just something that needs to be fixed / requested?

p.s. currently using the 2.6.19 beta as this fixes a different problem with the AU plugins not switching when a patch changes due to an externally triggered PC message

Yes, you are correct. Thanks for reporting.
I guess nobody reported this before because they simply use the MIDI Output and leave MIDI CC to the Synth app.
I’ll add it to the to-do lists.