MIDI control of instrument settings when MG2 is the standalone host?

Hi folks, I think I know the answer to this (ie, “no”) but it’s worth a shot just in case. I’m running MG2 standalone as my VST host, and one of the instruments I’m using has a simple switch that I want to be able to toggle on and off with my midi footswitch. If I could use my footswitch to “open” the instrument from MG2, I feel like I could then do a midi-learn on the VST itself and pass the footswitch’s CC command through to it, but I can’t see how to select the instrument in bottom part of the MG2 window. Am I dreaming?

Just click on “show” to open the plugin GUI.
Then if your plugin can be midi-learned, you can trig it with your midi controller.

Thanks, my question is whether I can use a midi command to click that “show” button and access the plugin, as I’ll have both hands on the guitar. From what I can see, the “show” button isn’t a midi-learnable item.

Ok, I didn’t understand the question, English is not my mother tongue and I use an automatic translator.
To my knowledge there is no such possibility.
I thought you wanted to midi-learn an instrument parameter to trig it with your footswitch.

thanks @Herold yes I figured that because there was no midi-learn on the plugin selector I was out of luck.