Midi Controller not shown in MG2 Midi Interface > Controllers


I bought an inexpensive USB Midi Controller with three faders.

I set the CC to 2,3,11 and plugged it into the by USB, but it is not displayed in the MG2 Midi Interface Controllers.

Any ideas?


This controller with 3 faders:

Hey @GuyBoden
Does it show up in a DAW? If so, does it have a name?

(And I assume you are talking about MG2 (like in the header) and not MG3?)

Also, you are not connecting via a hub or something? I have had a lot of controllers not appearing because I connected to my keyboard USB hub or anything non-powered really.

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Thanks, the MIDI controller is named “Arduino Leonardo”.

Problem solved.

The MIDI controller was being blocked from being selected in MG2 by this online midi test program I was using. (See below)

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