Midi Demo instruments didn't sound that real and won't work with Cakewalk

Recently I downloaded the midi guitar 2 demo. Initially I had some problem in making the standalone work. After setting the audio input/output I managed to get the demo going. I tried the MDA piano. The lower notes played on my low E and A strings sounds OK, but the higher notes played from D strings upwards seemed to sound a bit guitarish. Another issue is that when I try to use the VST version on my Cakewalk, no sounds came out of it. The host is Cakewalk but there is the yellow triangle at the latency section saying run your host at 128 or 256 samples etc. The VST version shows latency at 10ms. The standalone is 256ms at 44.1hz. I am not a technical person. Please help! Thanks.

If higher notes sounds guitarish, most likely you blend in your guitar sound with the piano? Probably a “direct” or “monitoring” setting on your interface.

You need to lower the buffersize in Cakewalk if MG complain. Some users have reported inconsistent latency behaviour on Cakewalk since Bandlab took over. Not sure if Bandlab have addressed this. Older Cakewalk were fine.

Thanks for your response. Ya, I may have set the interface to direct to speakers. Will check and try. Will let you know.

Thanks for your lead. I managed to solve the interface problem and now the other instruments do not have the unwanted guitar sound. On the Cakewalk issue, I set both the midi guitar 2 and cakewalk latency to be the same at 256 samples. I then open the Midi guitar 2 plugin in Cakewalk track. There was no more error messages. But no sound came through when played with my guitar. If I click the keyboard in MG 2 and played, it sounded. I tried for the piano instrument that came with the MG 2 and the strings instrument from Cakewalk. Both are ok when I played with the keyboard but not with the guitar. In the MG 2 VST app the host information showed Cakewalk as host. In/out channels are set at 2. In the midi interface section it showed that midi output is sent to host and receiving midi from host. Input channel is set at Any/Omni.
Don’t know if these settings are OK or not. I am still in the Demo stage. I plan to buy when these issues are resolved. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.