Midi expression pedal in vst

If you fire up a guitar vst like Amplitube, or any other, in mg2 your pedal cannot talk to it. the learn function cant see it, no wah pedal for you, or anything else. Very disappointing. the stand alone apps work fine but with mg2 as the middle man they dont. tried everything and no work around.

For complex midi routing, better use a DAW.
Load MG and Amplitube VSTs and connect the two as you want.

cant wait to peal the lid off that can of worms :rofl: , but I’ll try it and thank you.

Yes, I agree. Hosts are too complicated. We will try hard to make MG the best host for cases like this, in the near future.

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As said on jamorigin.com, Midi Guitar is an audio to midi converter and in addition “a handy little host of plugins, that does not depend on a complex DAW recording system”, which is a nice bonus.

I first started with MG2 standalone and a midi pedal for basic live performances.
But to take full advantage of MG2’s possibilities, I quickly switched to its integration as an audio-to-midi plugin in a host software (Gig Performer) allowing, among other things, a complete midi control of all integrated plugins and engines (synths, amps, Fx, scripts…) with an advance midi foot controller.

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Pretty steep learning curve but Gig Performer looks like its worth the climb, very impressive. I dont have the time today, perhaps I can eat up tomorrow, thanks. I didn’t know this existed :grin:

All my presets in Gig Performer are articulated around MG2 which is systematically the audio and midi source for all other effects or instruments.

But Gig Performer is a big piece of cake that you won’t swallow in one go…

Compared to the learning curve of my DAW (Studio One Pro), Gig Performer was dead simple. Sure, you can do complicated things using GP’s scripting language, but getting up and running was easy. Easier than Cantabile, which I struggled with. GP v4 will be released in June. The developers are performing musicians who just happened to be software professionals at IBM in upstate NY. Much positive karma.

GP is my new best friend :grin: lots to learn yet but so far so good. any inspiring thing like this is always good. thank you all for the input.

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You’re gonna love v4! Buying v3 now also gets you a v4 license at the current v3 price. They have a price increase scheduled after v4’s release.

If you’re on a Mac, MainStage is cheap and worth a look.
But as an MS user for a number of years, I discovered Gig Performer makes way more sense. (The MS channel strips paradigm does not work for me, for instance.) It’s way easier to create complex routings in GP
Loving GP3, can’t wait for GP4 and I’ll never go back.

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