Midi foot control

So I bought a midi foot controller (ampero control with 4 buttons)

This is my first attempt at midi programing… so I could use a real basic description of how to change patches within MG2

All I’m really looking to do at this point is change between instruments with it MG2.

Is there a way to do this? If yes, how?

Also, is there a way to look up the CC notes attached to different parts of the MG2 app?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You can not change between instruments directly, but you can do so by changing the patches in which your instruments are located.
The advantage is that the patch includes the saving of an instrument preset, as well as all the functions associated with that instrument (monophonic/polyphonic, bends, legato, midi velocity, etc).

There are no predefined controller numbers for the learnable functions, it is your midi controllers that you associate.
To do this, click on Interface at the top left of MG, then on Midi Learn in the Midi Interface window, then click on any Assign field and move the Midi controller of your choice to assign it to this function.

Thanks, changing patches is a better approach.

My problem now is finding “interface at the top left of MG.”

Could this be labeled something different in the current IOS version?

Sorry, I am on Windows, I hope someone will help you :wink:

But I read on the site: “. MIDI Inputs (from controllers or other external sources) is missing, compared to the desktop version. Please mind that usually you want to hook a MIDI controller up to the synth, not to MIDI Guitar, and thus MIDI inputs usually aren’t really needed.”


The quote you found looks discouraging… but at least now I know to put my energy into figuring out how to control things through my synth.

At least this narrow things down for me.


Hi @Jeremyb

So if I understand you correctly, you want to be able to switch instrument patches in MG2 on your iPad?

Well it is not harder than setting your Foot controller to send out PC messages (program/patch change), and also naming your MG2 patches with a 001,002…, 009 prefix. See link.

Your Ampero pedal is obviously already connected as it is visible the MIDI PEDAL slot. So you should be set to go, really.!

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