MIDI FX functions

The iOS version of MIDI Guitar 2 seems to be missing a lot of FX functions that the Windows version has; specifically the ability to set the MIDI channel for output and set a constant velocity. I use these functions a lot in the Windows version. Are they available in the iOS version?

no, they arent available in the ios version now.
fix velocity: You can turn up the gain and curve, and adjust the noise gate. This should work rather well now in the iOS version.
Selectable midi channel is not supported now.

Is there any plan to put to put these features in the future, especially the ability to select the MIDI out channel. MIDI out channel selection is very useful, especially when you run MIDI Guitar 2 on more than one iOS device simultaneously.

Hi Paul, I purchased the Guitar 2 w/ Bass - thank you. I have an existing Garageband project and I want to add guitar w/ effects. I successfully added the plugins as described in the instructions. I tried to record a track but had no success. I tried several different things. I didn’t get a signal though I heard the nice guitar effect that come with G2. Then I tried it with a new project. In that, I came close maybe - I saw a signal but it played back w/o any effects. I would like to focus on the main project though because that will answer future questions; Can I add a track to an existing project? Do I open the new track with the ‘microphone’ generic track? Once I do that it doesn’t communicate with G2 which is already open. No signal though I hear it with the effects. I would like to record a new track in an existing project. I have the plugins. Everything looks good and sounds good but I’m doing something fundamentally wrong obviously. Can you give me a suggestion to record the track? Thanks, JG

Also FYI - I did activate record on the track in both scenarios.

Update: I got it to work - my last question is; can I use the guitar and the G2 effects alone or do I have to attach the signal to a Garageband instrument - for example, I would like to play my guitar with Guitar2 effects but it appears that I also have to attach it to say, a GB guitar or piano etc- then, even if I turn the mix all the way to cancel out the GB inst. it still doesn’t sound like it does in the headphones on playback.

I do not quiet understand the question, but it sounds like you are in steep learning curve using MG and GB. If you are really stuck please try to rephrase the problem.