Midi gtr midi output to daw - Working with Cakewalk by Bandlab?

Hi everyone.

Has anybody been able to have Midi guitar’s midi output working in CAKEWALK BY BANDLAB?

Not working on my end. I would like to be able to record MIDI data on a separate midi track at the same time as I am recording audio… and try to rout midi data to other tracks within the DAW… (I know i could use MELODYNE to extract audio to MIDI, but I am interested in the “real time” aspect of MIDI GUITAR…)

Note that the plugin itself is 100% working for me “by itself” … I can load FX, midi tools and instruments, IR impluses, midi machines… everything… it’s just the midi output from my guitar’s incoming audio to the DAW that is not working.


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OK I got it!

Had to configure properly MIDI GUITAR’S “channel split” midi FX. Currently i’m only outpouting to midi channels 11 and 12, but I suppose I could daisy-chain a couple of instances to be able to output a couple more midi channels (I’M attempting to see if I can find a way to get close to a “one MIDI output per string” as when I was using a hardware MIDI guitar synth…)