Midi Gtr with electric violin

Yesterday I was trying my very simple, homemade cigar-box type electric violin ( no volume knob, just piezzo and jack out) with MGTR. Can say, got very nice and interesting results. Especially with flute, trumpet, etc. type Vst’s or with Vst synths with fluid sounds. Of course it doesn’t work well with piano.
There was some minimal tracking issues, but this is my playing style problem and it can be repaired later in midi editor. Anyway, it needs some practicing, but this works! Especially if we are blending the original sound with a synth. With violin you can add pretty expressions.
So, I wrote this information for those, who interested and play violin also. Try this! Sweet!


thanks for sharing your experience, hopefully it will lead to not just to more mgtr-wielding violin players, but also to more people experimenting with what is possible to build or mod in one’s workshop.

please consider trying the ‘deep’ efx - i bet they will be very useful for the non-synth side of things.