MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 and Gamechanger Audio Plus - Hold function on steroids

Generally, as advice to anyone just starting out with MIDI Guitar 2, I would absolutely vote against inserting stuff into the signal chain (between the guitar and audio interface). All sorts of interference could pop up and mess with the conversion process. But for those of you that feel comfortable with your setup, this was a real treat. I inserted the Gamechanger Audio Plus pedal to see if it could be used as an extended hold function, triggering instruments and samples on a separate track behind your solo instrument track. And I must say, the results were very interesting. :astonished:


What would be the difference between using that pedal on 2 channels with 2 instances of MG2, and using an ordinary sustain pedal on one these 2 to sustain notes or chords?

An ordinary sustain pedal (in these circumstances), would just send an on/off message on CC64, and the ”only” thing you’d be able to do having one sustain pedal for two instances of MIDI Guitar is to control the CC64 action on the virtual instruments employed. No real gain in my book from having a sustain pedal and a single instance of MG2, going to as many instruments used in the first example. With this pedal I get TWO different independent audio streams to feed two MG2:s, and I don’t even touch upon the CC64 message use on top of that.

Nice Demo.
Foot sounds and keyboard sounds and everything:)
Good job.
My interface has been shipped back so I’m in limbo at this time.
Now all I have is pedals and my favorite guitar frets re-dressed and re-wired the whole thing with an extra pickup and a switch or two.
I agree that not using a pedal pre-MG2 is not always good but for now it works fine.

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