MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 and the 3 best virtual saxophones

Here are (in my personal opinion) the three best virtual saxophones to use with MIDI Guitar 2 right now. I shall offer my rationale for even singling these out from the increasing number of available options.

  1. First of all, I am looking for a playable instrument
  2. I want it to be dynamically responsive and at least change some character traits as velocity changes.
  3. I don’t want there to be KeySwitch articulations
  4. I would prefer to have the instrument be ready to use with (guitar) pitch bend and a breathcontroller

Regarding 4., I might add here that these three all work fine with the Aftertouch function in MIDI Guitar 2 enabled, instead of using a breathcontroller. I prefer the breathcontroller for precision, but I don’t really need it to use these instruments.

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Here is another candidate for the title, although it is chock-full of KeySwitch articulations and not really set up to be played with a breath controller (for expression purposes). But it is a great library anyway.

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