Midi guitar 2 and ableton midi mapping

i can’t find a way to use midi guitar 2 as midi mapping like a keyboard for playing midi loop with auto transposition (setting for example a range between E2:E3).


  1. add midi guitar 2 into audio channel
  2. add midi track and select as a source the midi guitar audio channel
  3. setting up a simple midi loop into a midi channel
  4. try to set a range in midi mapping from MG2 (doesn’t work…)

ps. if I try this using mg2 in standalone mode (and driving ableton with virtual midi bus) ableton crashes

can you help me? thanks


We’re not familiar with “midi loop”, your question seems more related to midiloop as to MG.
What does midiloop ought to do?

A crashing Ableton more sounds like a bad “midiloop” where the midi is going into an infinite cycle…

Sorry, I try to explain better
…can i do this:

(Mapping MIDI Keys to Parameter Ranges in Ableton Live)

with midi guitar 2 as VST plugin inside ableton?


the problem is, that the param automatisation shown here, uses the midi input devices as described in the Live preferences.
I highly doubt that you can use midi generated on a track to automate Live.
If you try it with our standalone, it should work, but take care of having the midi input (control) of MG standalone to “none”, to prevent midi loops (that may cause the crashes)

Whether midi-from-track-to-parameter-automisation can be achieved, is more a question for Live experts, which I definitely am not. So any live expert: fill us in here!

oh yes…thanks, I’ve been trying for a week without results. Now I am free :slight_smile: …I’ll try the standalone way



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