MIDI Guitar 2 and Harmony Automation

For anyone using Abelton and some sort if scale or chord function; automate, loop and play!


Interesting! I have been having fun with the Smart Chords feature within ROLI Studio Player combined with fretless electric guitar/fretless bass, MG2/MIDI Bass and some of the SWAM stringed instruments in Reaper. What are some other chord and/or scale things that might be other good options? Thanks!

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Abelton has a lot of Scale or chords automatable apps or functions. Especially if you are intersted in using a single scale, moving its root for instance. All their generative devices (Dr. Chaos, Swarmalators N, and the rest) are automatable in a similar way.
Besides that I can think of Reasons Chord Sequencer for instance, if you are looking for somethimg to help you to a slightly better version of “Band-In-A-Box”. There are so much stuff out there, it is hard to start suggesting without feeling you are leaving something out!

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