Midi Guitar 2 and my flute

Hi guys. I saw Midiguitar 2 a while back when it launched and glossed over as I don’t play guitar. Recently wanted to look at an Electronic Wind Instrument but very expensive. To cut a long story short I came across MG 2 again and enquired if it would work with a flute. Turns out it works brilliantly with a flute. Wow what an amazing piece of kit. So now to the question.
I want to buy MG2 but don’t know which of the 3 purchase options to buy.
I want to use my flute via MG2 as a midi controller and record into Cubasis / GB using the Auv3 option. I also want to use MG2 as a live tool with the flute. What purchase options would I need for that. I hope that makes sense. Really excited by the creative options ahead. Cheers Pete

for ios there is only 1 app.
for recording midi you only need the “guitar rig” and the “midi output” IAP’ss
The auv3 iap is for loading AUv3 synths and fx inside MG, this is not related with DAW usage: MG itself is not an AUv3.

Thanks Paul. So to be clear I need the guitar rig to actually convert the audio to midi and the output part to be able to send it to Cubasis etc. I’m assuming that I can set an AVU3 to receive the midi in Cubasis. If I want to play live with MG2 and use my AUV3’s I would need to pay for the final IAP purchase. Appreciate your help. Thanks Pete

Hey CosyPete, it’s great to see a fellow flute player here! So much so that I joined the forum just to ask you some questions and perhaps share ideas. :slight_smile:

So MG2 works “brilliantly” with a flute, eh? That’s excellent news! For years I’ve been making occasional attempts get to get pitch-to-MIDI happening in the app I mostly use now - Max https://cycling74.com/ - but the results have been patchy. There’s quite a bit of latency, and it’s prone to feedback. Not normal audio feedback but Max re-analyzing the pitch of the synths coming out of the speakers without the original flute sound. Obviously I’ll need to adjust some settings in Max, but I’m also wondering whether you have this problem with MG2?

And what mike do you use? How do you go with “feedback”? Have you tried it live yet? Cheers, Bill