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MIDI Guitar 2 and some new applications for 2021

Something old, something new. In this video, I’ve perhaps not shifted focus altogether as much as perhaps tilted it, towards interesting applications for MIDI Guitar 2 (as opposed to just showcasing great plugins). I use, for instance, the Partial MPE support of the ”MIDI Guitar Minimal” app to control layer of the Sensel Morph MPE preset for Arturia Pigments here in the first clip. And I tune my guitar to the Harry Partch 43 tone (micro) tuning in this ID700 iOS app/synth, using the guitar and the (tablet-sized pressure sensor) Morph in tandem. As for another example, I took a page from the Colin Stetson playbook, and layered three instruments (wind synth, virtual sax, breath sounds) controlling them differently by breath controller assignments, but together within a playable patch.

I also have the Fretless Guitar pop up a couple of times in MIDI contexts. Not to forget special tunings: both the Elektra chord and the Farben chord tunings are featured!
I would be most interested both to hear, and to hear of any of your setups. I’m for instance not using AUM yet, and I sort of feel I don’t know what I am missing there. And there are some superslick setups I’ve seen some of you guys use, that would be really interesting to get to hear a sample from. I’m all for this open community environment where we share and learn from one another, so any questions you might have, I’m more than happy to help you with what I got, as best I can!


Nice vid, as always.

I’m really looking forward to the new version…I just had to say it :slight_smile:


Very nice musical voyage.
I appreciate Midi Guitar 2 but I use it as a backup for Fishman Triple Play, essentially because MG2 is lacking the possibility to stack several plugins in same preset, and to use split neck for some of them.
A precision, I am not playing DAW hosted version of Triple Play or MG2, not interested in recording and a DAW is a huge load when playing.
I hope that next MG2 version will allow melting several plugins and support the VST3 format.
Following any announcement from month to month, so may be all this has been requested several time.


Hi Great stuff your doing there. What is around the neck of your guitars at the nut end. Is it some sort of damper to prevent rogue notes being triggered?

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Hi Alan! And thanks! Yes, it is exactly that. These are the Gruvgear fretwraps that was all the rage a couple of years ago. And when I started out with MIDI Guitar, searching for a picking technique that was letting me play instead of bothering me, I settled on a hybrid of hyprid picking and two handed tapping. And with two handed tapping especially, you get a lot of unwanted triggerings in the beginning, both with fingers whacking notes and with fingers leaving strings as well. So I got use to having these around. I also imagine they help with ‘sympathetic string resonance’ issues. In the current version (2) of the MIDI Guitar software, allowing for a struck note/open string to let other strings vibrate along and in turn, be objects for pitch conversion, isn’t the safest route to take, to say the least. In terms of getting a predictable outcome single notes, and smaller chords are well inside the tracker’s scope. but letting open strings ring along is providing a little bit too much information in this stage of the game. That’s why they are still there.