MIDI Guitar 2, and using a sustain pedal

Nothing gut-wrenching Avantgarde about this, but perhaps interesting if you are working with MIDI Guitar 2 playing any sort of keyboard stuff allowing for including a sustain pedal to the mix. This is how I use it to suggest contexts (chords, scales, or downright modes) behind my single line improvised playing. When and when not to use it? To what effect? Stuff like that. And for any newcomers to the MIDI Guitar2 software; this is one of the best things to start out with as it helps you keep inspired and alleviate some of the initial struggles with keeping notes and chords ringing properly. For clarification; I am using a separate setup for my sustain pedal (it is connected to my USB keyboard, does NOT go via MIDI Guitar 2 into the DAW here)


Leif, how do you route the sustain pedal?

In Abelton there is an “All Ins” option for incoming MIDI I use for almost all sets, which takes care of that and relays all incoming MIDI control info, wheater it is expression pedal, Keyboard with sustain pedal or breathcontroller!

In standalone you choose your here: Since I have my sustainpedal hooked up to my keyboard, I would just choose my Keyboard .

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Thanks. I really don’t ever use MG2 in standalone, but as part of my rig in Cantabile, which is just another DAW like Mainstage. All of my keys are VSTs. I’m going to have to figure this out.