Midi Guitar 2 Bug Standalone Gain Setting - Windows

There is a bug in Midi Guitar 2. If you use the standalone MG2 and adjust the audio interface gain within the software, that gain setting, even after uninstalling and using just the vst is remembered within the vst version of the program, even though the vst version of the software does not have an audio interface gain setting. I doubt this is the way it is supposed to work. To reproduce, open MG2 standalone and adjust the gain all the way up. Exit program. Go to your software running the vst and you will notice higher velocites. You can also lower the input gain to zero in the MG2 standalone and the immediately exit. Go to your vst software and you will notice low velocities. Please fix. There is also a problem when changing sample rates and buffer sizes in MG2 standalone where you get huge increases in volume. Please fix this too!

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Thanks for your report!
It looks like nearly nobody uses the software gain setting in MG: we allways recommend using the gain setting of your interface (with the hardware knob on the interface that is): The input level knob is only there for cases where there isnt a knob on the interface! And these cases are extremely rare… which also is the reason that nobody stumbled over this bug till now…
If you have a gain knob on your interface, please use that instead for now!_

The changing of samplerates resulting in huge volume increases is not a known bug to us, what computer/interface/os do you use?

I am using a Saffire Pro 14 firewire interface (an older interface but very low latency) with Windows 10 on a Dell desktop model 5676 Ryzen 7. When I open MG2 standalone, it defaults to 256 samples at 48Khz. When I change this to 64 samples at 48Khz, I get the huge gain increase. BTW, what is the default setting for the gain in the standalone MG2? Is it at the 12 o’clock position, or is it all the way turned down? Where should the gain setting be in the software audio interface setting when just using hardware gain on interface?

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