Midi Guitar 2 can't find vst's

Hi. I’ve installed MG2 on a laptop running Win 7 Pro 64-bit. I also have Steinberg Cubase 9.5 installed along with their Padshop Pro vst. When I start up MG2 standalone, it doesn’t find any Steinberg vst’s. My understanding is that MG2 looks in the default Steinberg locations for any installed vst’s. What’s happening here (or not happening)? BTW, the version of MG2 that I’m using is 2.2.1, 32-bit, if that has any bearing on things.

I’m no longer on Windows but I recall it was similar or the same as on macOS. You ‘add’ the plugin folders you use in your settings as per the image attached.

if you run MG 32 bit standalone, you will not see the 64 bit plugins and vice versa!
Try run the 64 bit app, you’ll most likely see all plugins you are missing in the scan

Where do I find the 64-bit version? Everything I can find on the web page is 32-bit.

Edit: I found the 64-bit demo version however when I try to upgrade to v2.2.1 I’m pointed to a 32-bit Windows version only.