Midi Guitar 2 Default Patches

I notice the synth patches used in the product videos are for pianos, pads, horns or other non guitar related instruments.

Do you think there is any interest in requesting the developers to create model or wave based guitar patches?

One way I believe I would find midi guitar most useful is to play my guitar, which is a Stratocaster clone, but record the sound of an electric Rickenbacker 360 12 string, acoustic Guild 12 string, acoustic Martin 00 parlor guitar, six string banjitar or guitjo (six string banjo with a guitar neck; think Keith Urban), mandolin, a Les Paul or Gretsh Country Gentleman. In other words I want to use Midi Guitar 2 to play and record guitars or other string instruments I’ll never own.

I acknowledge there are guitar VSTis and the demos for some of them sound good but budget constraints prevent me from purchasing many.

How about it forum mates and developers. does this idea sound worth the effort?

The standard midi MIDI Guitar produces can not transport all the finesses that you need to convert 1 guitartype to another guitartype. A good emulation, like in the LIne 6 variax guitar series, works without midi and uses a totally different technique.
We aren’t in that market: the goal of MIDI Guitar is to play other instruments with your guitar via midi. We’d have to invent a method to tranform one guitar into another with a normal pickup (Variax uses hex pickups), and so far we havent invented that.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m familiar with the Line 6 Variax modeling guitars. The capabilities are amazing, especially if you are an accomplished musician. I can visualize how a studio session or gigging guitarist would find having a Variax extremely valuable. However they are more like dedicated guitar controller / sound module that bypasses midi altogether. They do not offer any more midi capability than a standard guitar.

I’m just a little disappointed Midi Guitar 2 does not include any guitar patches or presets that I’m aware of.