MIDI Guitar 2 doesn't show in Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12

For some reason I can’t get Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12 to show MIDI Guitar 2 for ANYTHING! I checked blacklist, and everything. I then tried it on Studio One v 6, and it loads the plugin automatically there.

I’ve shutdown, rebooted, and everything, but no luck. Please advise.

Googled “cubase12 vst2 support”
and got:
VST2 plugins are no longer supported in Cubase 12 . There’s likely to be a number of posts saying particular plugins have disappeared or no longer working, and this would be why. Most currently developed plugins have VST3 versions, but you may have some favorite plugs that won’t work in Cubase 12.

2 follow up questions:
Why are the “MIDI Guitar” plugins showing as “.VST” if they are actually VST 2?

Is Jamosapien working to upgrade to the appropriate standard of VST 3, as VST 2 has been outdated for so long that Steinberg had to actively remove support for it?

.vst is the old extension for vst < 3
.vst3 is for vst3
no idea, but MG3 will surely support vst3. ETA unknown…

Cubase 12 doesn’t support VST 2 or 32 bit so make sure you use the correct installer. My MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass work flawlessly on my Cubase 12 so, it shouldn’t be a problem.

JO himself states that there is no vst3 version yet, and Cubase 12 officially doesnt support vst2.
So I suspect you are on macos, and you are using the audio unit plugin version…
Audio units plugins as a fallback are not available on windows ofcourse, and that is the problem of OP

Yet another excellent reason to avoid Cubase specifically and Steinberg in general. What a high-handed, could not care less about their customers, approach to product development.

New plugin developers are unable to get access to the VST2 SDK and are forced to develop to the VST3 standard. But…long-time developers with the existing VST2 SDK can still use it, and do, sometimes not even releasing a VST3 version. They might be too small or not have the bandwidth to learn and develop for a new standard.

Some of my favorite plugins are VST2-only. A couple of others are still shipping buggy VST3 versions, so I still use the VST2 versions.

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I believe it has been mentioned several times before as a workaround = Element.

It can be used to host vst2 in DAWs which only support vst3, or host vst3 in DAWs that only run vst2 etc.


i have no idea if this product will work in cubase but it is free to try it.

i’ve been using it in a different situation, to load vst3’s in ableton9. it’s only been a few days but it seems to work, seems stable.

Hi! I’m using Cuibase 12 for serveral months now and have tons of VST2 plugins, that are found by Cubase 12 and can be put in as effect, plugin or instrument. That includes MG2.
They all are useable/loadable in Cubase 12 without any problem.
The thing is: Cubase 12 won’t accept any 32bit version of any vst.
Just choose to install the 64bit version of the VSTs and everything seems to be fine.
That’s, what I have done.

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Wow !@Framade Thanks for checking :+1:

Just installed my unused copy of (Mac) Cubase 12 LE and sure enough midi guitar 2 is there :person_raising_hand:

So it’s Steinberg that is causing quiet a lot of confusion. officially they announced no more VST2 support with Cubase 12… :wink:


Hopefully @Sekrit_Studios will try again…

I’m on PC. I checked in my plugin list and Cubase 12 supports vst 2.4
Both my midiguitar and midibass are vst2.4

Hi Framade! Where does one get a 64bit version of Gtr2? Is that what is needed? I am Mac.

Hi Mac…

In case, you meant Midi Guitar 2:
It’s available at Download – Jam Origin . All Versions can be fetched there (Windows, Mac, IOS)
In the Windows version, while installing, one will be asked for the location of the 32bit VST, the 64bit VST and the standalone part og MG2. So all you need, is to set the right locations.
By ordering a license for it, you’ll be E-Mail sent a file to put into the install locations, which will transform the demo version to a full one.
Greets Martin

Hi Framade, thanks for responding.

I’m using a Mac and have installed the 2 files as instructed. The stand-alone works well, but whenever I restart and/or use VST Plugin Manager, I never get to see MIDI Guitar 2 in Cubase?

Also, I can see samsarin managed to get MIDI Guitar 2 installed as an Effect - how?

Sorry. The sentence " I am Mac " was not well interpreted by me. The Mac world isn’t mine, so I can’t say anything about it. Again: Sorry.

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I’ve only been using it a few weeks, but I watched a youtube video on how to setup Midi Guitar 2 with Cubase LE IA 12 on Windows 11.

Seems to work ok.

This is video:
MIDIGuitar 2 Cubase set-up and overview/demonstration - YouTube