Midi guitar 2 for garageband & Mainstage

Guitar midi 2 for Garageband vers.2.1.0 works with MainStage (Mac).
New GM 2 for Garageband vers. 2.6.4 doesn’t work with MainStage.
Why? Is it possible to solve this problem?

Thank you.

It should work just like the previous version. Did you enable the midi output? (Select the External Midi output patch)

Thank you.
Yes, I selected the patch External Midi output: with Garageband works, with MainStage no.

I don’t work with Main Stage either!

Yes, sorry. We messed up!
An update (2.6.5) is out on Mac App Store which should address this.

Thank you, it works.

hello, i’ve juste test the App but the midi output is not working ( no already purchase the app )
PlugIn MidiOutput enebeled, but i can’t see it

What’s wrong ?

have you tried loading the patch “external midi output”?

for me, the MiDi was a plug in. But no, it’s a patch … Sorry for that !
It works !!

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External midi output is actually a midi fx plugin within a MG patch: so you can combine other sources with the internal sound on a patch by patch basis.
The “External midi output” patch ofcourse has no internal sound.