MIDI Guitar 2, Hexaphonic pickups and BOSS GP-10, is this the best setup ever?

This is a discussion that has been around for a while, taking place at a few different guitar and MIDI guitar forums, that I have had somewhat of an interest in but perhaps thought was too much trouble for too little gain. I’ve seen the subject of using hex pickups to send on six separate audio channels (one per string) monophonically tracked by six instances of MIDI Guitar 2, only to be merged into a single MIDI stream fed to an instrument in a DAW in the end. It has always felt like too much of a workaround for me, but I must admit I may have been wrong. I was convinced by (my now good friend) Anthony Lopez (thyshadowdragon999) to take the plunge, dig out my BOSS GP-10 that I purchased as a spur-of-the-moment thing from one of those going-out-of-business clearance sales all too common among the music stores today. Well, perhaps I didn’t expect all that much, but boy was this the best move ever. First of all, the setup worked great and is the perfect complement to any solo instrument recording one might do. This setup takes care of everything polyphonic, be it an instrument or an ensemble or what have you. For all those occasions where you’ve wanted to be able to just play that minor second interval or, as I’ve seen a lot of people asking for, those bigger chords; here is your solution. And secondly, I found a use for my Roland Hex PU guitars again! If you have a Hex PU-equipped guitar, and a Boss GP-10, look at the video and try it for yourselves. I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


I came across this, and wonder whether it somehow relates to what you’re achieving here…


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Also, as I think of it, do you happen to know if there’s a place here where we can post “requests” for the upcoming v.3 of MG?

Hi Bernard! I guess that would be a breakout box. There are a few of those the market. I am looking at ordering one version of those to have for occasion like now (when my update to my OS rendered my GP-10 useless for however long it takes for Boss to fix a new driver). My idea is to use it with a minimum 6 channel audio interface for whenever I want to work with my hex poickups in any way.

And on the requests question I would suggest the thread Feature Requests for the Next Version

Ha. A requests’ thread exists. Thanks LoF.

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So, such a box would achieve the same results as going through something like the GP-10? Who else makes those?

“…a minimum 6 channel audio interface…” You actually need 6 physical channel to do this? It can’t be 6 in a DAW?

Take a look at this

Right. Similar to the RMC one. Any other makers?

OS: I realized that you indeed need at least a 6 channel interface, since it’s outputting 6 physical outputs.