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Feature Requests for the Next Version

I saw a youTube video of Jam Origin MG version 3 beta or maybe still in development.

Is there a place in the forum to add requests? Is there a place for forum users to vote on features?

Two Features I Recommend:

  1. To accommodate bowed string instruments; BEFORE you indicate the tuning, have the user choose the instrument: guitar, bass, cello, violin, viola — then offer the drop down selection for the instrument tuning. Remember there are 5 and 6 string violins; howbeit 99% are 4 or 5 string.

  2. How about a velocity compressor? it would work in a similar manner to audio compressors; it limits or compresses the “spike” or rapid increase in velocity based on how hard or how soft the instrument player plays or attacks their instrument -

HI @Vmusic!

I would think this is as good a place as any for requests and considerations. :grinning:

I would think that with regards to 1., it won’t be relevant to categorize in different “tunings” with MG3. I’m going to leave it a guesstimation until I can speak on it with confidence though.

  1. Velocity compressor? Are you thinking of something like this?

Well…you really don’t get it. I have a LR Bagss pickup on my acoustic violin ::: there is NO KNOB.

C’mon now…think outside the box a bit. Why not open this amazing tool to tens of thousands of other musicians who aren’t guitar players??? Violinists, cello players, flute players, sax players…

Don’t be so narrow minded. My suggestion is VALID. Wanting to even out the velocity, even with an electric guitar is a good idea.

Well…, the (curve) knob referred to above is on the software GUI, providing the possibility for every user of the software to be able to even out velocity. That screenshot was from the MIDI Guitar 2 HELP section.

Thank you for requests.

@LoFiLeiF is right - the second feature you ask for is there for ages and very important also to guitars.

As for the first request - the main challenge isn’t tuning or range or number of strings. It is that a good violin tracker isn’t the same as a good guitar tracker. Violins dont sound like guitars. Physics, handling and articulation is all too different. We are making a violin tracker, instead of telling you to use the guitar tracker (which is far from ideal).

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My MG3 request would be:

  1. Include instrument assignments for individual strings. Apparently the output of the Boss GP-10 can separate each string.

  2. Have the ability to mix to midi instruments along with the guitar. The roland GR55 can do this and I find it useful.

Midi Guitar is an application that does not require hardware to work: this is its advantage, thanks to which you can change the guitar on the fly.

And that is why it is not possible to have different instruments for each string, because you need a dedicated converter with software + an hexaphonic microphone on each guitar you want to use.

This is not the same approach and the same technology nor the same budget.

It is a choice to be made depending on the way one use his guitar with MIDI functionalities, and mine is all made: I am mostly a live guitarist and not really interested in multi-instrument orchestration. However, I do like to mix the notes on my guitar so that I have different instruments at the same time for different intervals of notes: for example, a bassline for the E2-B2 interval + a piano for the A2-B3 interval, etc.

Obviously, this only works either in standalone mode with several instances of MG2 + filter in Midi Machine slot or with one single MG2 plugin in a plugin host + MIDI filters for instruments.

I use the second method.

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@JamO - so the ‘curve knob’ is supposed the compression ratio?

Audio compression has been around longer than I have. It seems a bit odd to kind reinvent the wheel, and make people learn something new. It would be better to call the curve knob compression ratio - if that’s what it controls.

I am HAPPY for sure there is a velocity compressor.

On the violin - yes, the audio output from a violin is much more tricky than a guitar. It usually has EXTRA harmonics, subharmonics and overtones that a guitar generally doesn’t have. There are better pickups coming out (hexaphonic and dual piezo) that produce a more “true” output with less of unwanted artifacts mentioned.

You are correct that Midi Guitar does not require hardware. My feature request would require hardware, so with the Boss GP-10 and a Guitar with a GK pickup (which many of us have on this forum) you can have a separate out put for each pickup. The GK Pickup, as you know has separate pickups for each string and the GP-10 USB output allows for outputting signals for each string.