Midi Guitar 2 (iOS) App crashes after a few minutes

Hi, I bought the $30 package for my iPad Pro a few days ago and Midi Guitar 2 crashes after a few minutes of use while in Garageband. I’m running the latest version of iOS and GB on the Ipad Pro. Any ideas on how to fix this serious problem as most of the time the crashes happen during a recording.


I probably should disclose that I use iRig Pro I/O (through the Lightning cable) and iRig 2 (through the 3.5 audio port). It MG2 crashes with either interface.

There was some issue previously reported with an older iPad Pro. Which iPad Pro are you using?

We have been trying to reproduce it on a iPad Pro 2020 and a iPad Pro 2018 but without problems. My guess is that it only happens on the older iPad Pro 2015.

I still dont have a clue why, or under which circumstances it happens, so please let us know if you have any details about when it happens.

It would be very helpful if you can try this beta version: