Midi Guitar 2 / iPad 5th Generation / iRig HD 2

I’ve got a 5th generation iPad Pro and I downloaded Midi Guitar 2 - It works great on my MacBook but I want to get it to work on the iPad. I’m using an iRig HD2 interface to connect my guitar to the iPad. This works with GarageBand but I can’t get a connection whit Midi Guitar 2. Any ideas?

See image below - I’m getting a good signal in but I can’t seem to get a signal out. I’ve tried the headphone jack and the guitar out jack from of the iRig HD2 and I’m getting nothing.

Hi Henk! I use the same setup for a lot of things. (Perhaps not Garageband right now but that shouldn’t matter much) If you connect your guitar to the guitar input and your headphones to the headphone jack, of your iRig, and load any instrument in MIDI Guitar 2 itself (in INSTRUMENTS). Don’t you hear anything at all? I’m not sure if you have a problem controlling Garageband on iPad with MG2, or if you can’t get any sounds from it at all?

Okay - feeling kinda stupid here - I left the instrument to external midi while trouble shooting this. Once I selected an instrument it worked : )

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Well, problem solved then! :grinning::+1: