Midi guitar 2 latency(pc)

I have an Hp laptop which apparently meets the spec qualifications, however i’m having awful latency issues!! Can anyone help?

Thank you

John t

Hi @johnt, and welcome to the MIDI Guitar/Bass forum. Oftentimes we need to know a little bit more about your setup to be able to give some qualified guidance. What Audio interface do you use? How do you use the software? Is it as a plugin or in standalone mode? Are you playing Acoustic or electric? And perhaps, what sounds are you using to test the setup with? I’m sure we can help you at least a little if we just know a little more.

I’m using it as both standalone, and as plug-in.I’m using a Steinberg interface, and I’m playing acoustic guitar. And I’m using the piano sound.

Ok, first of all. Playing acoustic guitar with MG2 brings its own special set of troubles as the microphone tend to pick up room noise and reflections as well. To get the most out of MG2 it is important to realize that the software is only tracking and converting pitches, whereas everything else can be considered background noise. A rumbling low open E string is also going to cancel out soft picks in the higher register, if they are played simultaneously. So we must be cautious with how, and which notes we pick of course. Other than that, are you using the “Test piano” settings? What latency settings do you have there? Starting with 128 or 256 @44.100 is usually a good idea.

first i have apickup for my acoustic, not a mic. so theres no background noise. i tried 128 and when that didn’t work, 64, and still a problem

Always hard to find the culprit, but acoustic guitars cause more latency than electric, because of the resonance of the hollow body and thicker strings. It doesn’t perform as well as a solid body, but thats also the case for hardware/hex-pickup solutions.

I don’t want to sound ignorant but what are hex pick up solutions? Specifically the pickup I’m using is a fisherman rare Earth humbucker

I I only own acoustic guitars. And I want to use it with my acoustic and it’s unusable the way it is. I’ve heard from a friend of mine you have an amazing product and what I heard online it is amazing and i want it to work with my acoustic!

Sorry John! I should have said Microphones/Pickups really. “Background noise” isn’t really just thought to just include external sound sources either, but instead very much the setup’s electrical hum, static, and whatnot. Any interfering non-pitch information in the signal chain really.

Hex PU explanation From Sweetwater:
“Short for “hexaphonic pickup.” A [guitar]”(What is "Guitar"?) pickup with a discrete output for each of the six strings of a standard guitar. Often employed in synth guitars, this arrangement permits separate processing – effects, amplification, etc. for each string. A hexaphonic pickup attached to a converter can sense the pitch coming from individual strings for conversion into MIDI note messages."

Adjusting latency is not enough to reduce latency; latency can arise from a variety of causes, often unrelated to the audio.
Installed programs, background services, firewall and antivirus management, network and internet connections can place intrusive demands on the processor.

As I play in concerts with only a laptop as audio equipment, this one is dedicated only to this use and optimised very rigorously for reliability and stability.

Thanks to this, even on plugin-heavy setups, I can play live with acceptable latency and without audio glitches with a 512 samples buffer.

For information, see this guide: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing your Windows PC for the Stage

Even if you don’t play live with a computer, optimization will lighten the load on your processor and speed up your system.

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Thank you very much! You gave some very imperative advice! I did not even think of that about the antivirus, and programs etc. My damn computer always has this bull crap going on in the background. All this updating that you don’t even know is happening until things slow down. That possibly could have been it. I’m going to read that guide and also talk to a friend of mine who’s a musician who does computer software for a living so he would know how to help optimize my computer. (hey Bill Gates, Microsoft sucks ass! You give us musicians a problem! :rofl::rofl:)

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