Midi Guitar 2 midi output not working on standalone app

For the longest time I could open midi guitar 2 standalone, fire up the default midi and be able to control midi from other programs (koala, Ableton, etc.) Something has happened and now that doesn’t work. I am a longtime user, so I have triple checked all my settings. I can get it to work in Ableton adding it as a plugin. Something has to have went wonky but I can’t figure out what.

I was able to get the results I desired with Midi Guitar 3 beta mini player, but still need to figure out what has happened.

think somehow virtual midi got disabled…weird.

I’m just curious: Why do you want to run MG2 in standalone mode and then try to control a DAW (or other VST’s) with it?

Maybe you use the MG2 AU in Ableton, rather than the MG VST?

Is this on a Mac or Windows (and which version of the OS)? Obviously MG2 hasn’t changed for many years. Do you think you just had some OS update?

cool to have guitar in hand and do some resampling things in Koala, also you dont have to worry about routings , when you just wanna get in some quick midi notes.