MIDI Guitar 2 & Modartt Pianoteq 8/Classical Guitar

A deep dive into the relevant parts for any Pianoteq 8 Classical Guitar/MIDI Guitar 2 user. Just looking at what and where everything is!


Excellent timing! Pianoteq is great. I purchased v7 within the last year, so I got the v8 upgrade free. I have licenses for 7 of their pianos, plus the Electric Pianos. I haven’t yet purchased the new Classical Guitar instrument. Pianoteq instruments are modelled, not sampled, so it’s quite small, fast, and very responsive to play.

Pianoteq is still on a 25% discount sale for the release of v8. All of the instruments packs also have a 25% discount from the normal 49 € price.

I’m a bass player. I haven’t tried loading it into MIDI Bass, but will have to give that a try. Thanks for the video!

Modartt are located here in France and have been very responsive to my support questions;


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Yeah, I’ve used Pianoteq for some time now. I have the Electric Pianos, the Vibraphone and the Harp, and they are all great. And as you said, it is small (54 Mb on my computer). Thanks for all the extra info the Modartt Pianoteq 8 deal here. I am sure this will be a staple in any MIDI Guitarists setup in a no too distant future, given how good it is! :grinning: :+1:

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