Midi guitar 2 no sound

Hi all,

I am using cubase 5 and midi guitar 2 but I am not getting any signal. If I use midi guitar as stand alone I get a signal but no sound.

My guitar is plugged into a sound card U22 XT where I set the gain so that a green light is constant.

In cubase I created an audio channel, added midi guitar as an insert and then created an instrument channel linked to the audio channel. I am running windows 10


something I just found out is that with everything setup, guitar going into the sound card but no midi guitar launched, if I open the ESI U22 XT interface from the task bar I do not get any feedback there.

There are two bars input output that should light up green if I play the guitar right?

It should work with Cubase 5, but I have no way of checking it as its from 2009.
You need to follow the instructions for Cubase here: jamorigin.com/daw

Input and output meters inside MG should animate, yes. If you see the input meter animate but not the output meter, its likely because your ASIO driver is set to a buffersize too high (over 256 samples). Please mind, that when you use Cubase, and MG as a VST plugin, MG has no control over the audio interface, so you need to check the buffersize and samplerate in Cubase.

But why doesn’t it work as stand alone?!?! I see there is an incoming signal but no sound

Latency is set to 256

Do you have the latest ASIO driver installed for your interface? And is it otherwise working normally in other audio applications?

Yes, latest driver is installed and working