Midi guitar 2 not listed as Midi input in Ableton

I have installed trial version of midi guitar 2 On Windows 10. It works fine as standalone application. I followed the instructions given on your site to use it in Ableton 10. It works fine as plugin on an audio track in Ableton 10. The only point (but it this point that interests me a lot) is that I can’t have a midi track playing it. Though the plugin seems to be correctly detected (and works on audio track), in the list of surface control (Preferences/Midi) there is no MidiGuitar2 input port.
How can I add this new input in the list, so that is it useable in a midi track please ?
Thank you for your help.

In your midi track, select the audio track you have midi guitar 2 as the input.

Thank you, that works fine. I also set the 2 track as IN.
Issue is solved