MIDI Guitar 2 not recording on midi track in Ableton Live 12

HI there, would love some help trouble-shooting!

MIDI Guitar 2 worked for me in the past but I have since upgraded to Live 12 Suite and switched my Scarlett Focus for an Apollo Twin X. I am also on Macbook M2 Pro Sonoma. My experience:

  • I load the VST version of MIDI Guitar on an audio track (“MIDI Guitar” in the image below)
  • I create a midi track, load an Ableton instrument and change the MIDI From to the “MIDI Guitar” track
  • I arm the midi track and try to record but nothing records in the piano roll
  • When I try standalone, I am able to select Apollo Twin as I/O and it does show a signal going to MIDI Guitar 2 but I don’t hear any new sounds
  • I saw there might be something about turning Direct Monitoring off. I tried muting the channel in UA Console, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe I’m doing that wrong?

Thanks for your help!


try setting the midi/acid meltdown track to ‘in’ instead of ‘auto’.

in standalone mode, if you didn’t load a preset try that.

Thanks for the tips. I got standalone (MG2 and MG3 Beta) working by changing the output to my macbook instead of the Apollo Twin, so maybe something is happening to the signal when Apollo Twin is both input and output?

I tried changing monitor to ‘in’ instead of ‘auto’, but it still did not make a sound or record. When I use MG2 in Ableton, even if I changed Ableton settings to macbook as output, nothing happens.