MIDI Guitar 2 Not Showing in my Applications Folder

I have a MacBook Pro 13" Retina Intel i5 and had MIDI GUITAR 2 running before. The MIDI Guitar 2 Icon is not showing anymore in my doc and now see a " ? " . What happened? Can I redownload it? I just downloaded the trial version but don’t want open it as it may conflict with the origianl? Do I have to repay or… I don’t recall how I got it but it was during COVID when I got it to download and was working. I appreciate the help. Thanks. Mario

Never underestimate Covid…

I’m sure that it will be in the records of Jam Origin if you ever bought it.

Well how else would I have it running!

Which version of macOS?
Is MG2 in your applications folder?

I dont know why your application have disappeared, but you can always download it from: jamorigin.com/download. Your saved data sold still be intact unless you also lost those file.

There is no overlap or interference between MG2 and MG3.

I currently have 10.14 Mohave, I had the previous one when I originally installed MG2. I never used it until now the I got an email saying theres a MG3. When downloaded the MG3 it said my OS was not compatible. I just bought a MacBook air M2 chip with the latest OS to transfer all my digital gear to the new computer but decided to go through all my plug ins on my applications folder first and make a list of everything I own and that is when I noticed MIDI guitar 2 was gone. I never created anything with it because it was so processor consuming that my current laptop had a lot of latency. Why would get an email saying theres an upgrade to MG3 for those who have MG2? Not sure how long ago MG2 came out but do know it was downloaded/bought by the website during the height of Covid.

It says its a trial version and I’m not going to pay again. Don’t even recall what I paid for originally but don’t think it was $150 bucks, it was so long I can’t recall.

No, dont pay again… the license are for lifetime. You can authenticate MG3 with the email you use for the purchase or if you want to use MG2, send me a PM here with the email address and I will look it up.