MIDI Guitar 2 on iOS - setting up wirelessly with midimittr and the CME WIDI UHost

I am sure everybody in here already know about midimittr, and how to connect wirelessly to your iPhone, but for anyone that doesn’t…here is one way at least!

AUM also has that feature :slight_smile:

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Great to know! Then I don’t have to connect over midimittr for any bigger setups in AUM. :+1:

Do you think I could use AUM to transmit and receive from PC Win10 for my Tec Control Midi Breath Controller 2

If you have a smartphone, you can hook that up to the breath controller and use midimittr or AUM to transmit midi data to your pc.

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I would go with what @prehm suggest here. :point_up_2: I haven’t experimented enough with AUM to be able to have a clear picture of how easy stuff is to set up, just for use as a bridge or mediator connection.

I don’t see that Midimitrr will work on a Windows PC. It looks as though it is only intended from an iPhone to an iPad or Apple device. Am I wrong about this, and if so how would I connect it. I do have 2 iPhones, so maybe I could install it on my old iPhone and then connect that to my PC. Thoughts?

You don’t need midimittr on your pc. What you need is a Bluetooth receiver (either a usb one or built-in if your pc has that. If your using built-in, make sure it’s at least Bluetooth 4.0)

Hook up your controller to your phone, enable it in midimittr as a source and destination and hit advertise. It should show up on your pc under Bluetooth devices.

I have tried midiberry, as well, and after researching Midimitrr, everything I see says that they do not support Windows. Onc suggestion was to use NOX or another emulator, however Gigperformer developer does not recommend that. My Dell 5566 does have bluetooth 4.0, but I don’t know if it is BLE compliant, in which case I could order a USB bluetooth receiver from Amazon for about 20 dollars and try that. It does support BLE. Do you have a PC connected to your iPhone that you were able to make this work?

Yeah I also did some research and it looks like Bluetooth midi is a lot more complicated on windows, I didn’t know that… one thing you could try is Ableton link, which can also transmit wirelessly. AUM supports Ableton link, don’t know about gig performer though.

My bad, link is for Tempo sync. But check out this


The description says it can connect iPhones and windows midi over wifi.

If you want to go for Bluetooth, on the same website is a free program called loopMIDI, which enables Bluetooth midi for Windows. Can‘t confirm if this works though since I don’t have a windows pc available.

So since my WIndows10 PC did not recognize the iPhone with Midimittr and I now know that I do have Bluetooth 4.0 LE on my pc as well, I decided to try a “Plug & Play” USB 5.1 in a USB slot on my PC I bought from Amazon for 20.00, and my PC did not pick it up, as well as returning a "Bluetooth error. The transmit and receive did not even light up on the thing. So I returned it, I am thinking about trying a 5.0 bluetooth USB adapter. I have read their are some differences between 5.0 and 5.1 bluetooth archetecture. Another thing I came across is this guy who made a wireless usb with Rasbery Pi W, which he said was about 10.00, but I have not seen any for much less than 50.00 Here is that link.